Seniors Living - 3 Quarry Rd and 4 Vineys Rd Dural

  • Hornsby DA 668/2018

  • Site Compatability Certificate issued 24/05/2017 for 219 Units, 74 Aged care beds and 229 Car Spaces

  • DA submitted to Hornsby Council 16/07/2018

  • 146 Units, 74 Aged Care beds and 383 Car Spaces

  • 8 x 3 Story unit blocks with basement parking

  • Site area is 29,695 m2 (2.96 Ha)

  • Up to approx 14m in height

  • Cost of works exceeds $110 Million

DA documents can be found at here

  • The development proposal is inconsistent with the SCC issued by the Department of Planning and Environment.

  • The development proposal is inconsistent with the objective of Zone RU2 Rural Landscape.

  • The development proposal is inconsistent with the Metropolis for Three Cities Strategic document and North District Plan which seek to preserve existing rural areas not identified in Investigation areas such as this.

  • The height is excessive and breaches the height limit. The application does not demonstrate how providing 3 storeys on the site results in a better planning outcome to and from the site as required by Clause 4.6 of the Hornsby LEP. The excessive height is inconsistent with the rural nature of the locality especially the Vineys Road Interface. The three storeys exacerbates the overshadowing of the exiting dwelling in Vineys Road.

  • The additional height increases the density by up to 30% of what should be achieved under a scheme that complies with the height limit. The density proposed is commensurate with a medium density growth centre zone. The density is inconsistent with Rural Zoning and places a strain on infrastructure designed for rural purposes.

  • It is unclear as to whether Sydney Water’s sewer system will have the capacity for the development to connect.

  • No aboriginal archaeological assessment has been undertaken

  • Vineys Lane is a rural road and is not wide enough to accommodate traffic from the development and traffic issues on Old Northern Rd/Vineys Rd and Old Northern Rd/Quarry Rd are already well above capacity.

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